Car Parking Multiplayer Mod apk (Latest Version 2023

Car Parking Multiplayer Mod apk (Latest Version 2023

“More than just parking: open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!”

We highly recommend you to try this game.

Game Art : Simulation, Car, Vehicle

Last Updated on Google Play Store : July 5, 2023

Download Size : 594 Mb

Android Version : 6.0 and Up

Paid : No

Released Date : Aug 5, 2011

Aggregate Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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Car Parking Multiplayer Mode apk Android

Dive into an immersive open-world multiplayer game where parking is just the beginning. Join thousands of real players in high-stakes races, explore freely with real-world services, and express yourself with extensive car customization.

Highly detailed environment includes 100 real interior cars and diverse player skins. The gameplay is packed with 82 real-life parking and driving challenges across a variety of vehicles.

Car Parking Multiplayer Android Game Concept

The in-game world is vivid and realistic, providing a diverse range of vehicles and detailed environments.

The core idea is to deliver a rich, interactive, and comprehensive gaming experience that goes far beyond typical parking games.

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Feature CategoryFeatures
Open-World Multiplayer ModeWalk anywhere, visit real-like gas stations and car services, race and swap cars with real players, meet thousands of players daily, make new friends, use voice chat, and experience police mode.
Car CustomizationCustomize your car’s suspension and wheel angle, tune the engine, add a turbo, adjust the gearbox, change the exhaust, and dress up your car with dynamic vynils and different body parts.
High-Quality Open WorldExplore detailed environments, choose from 100 different cars with real interiors, select your look from 16 player skins, and visit buildings from the inside.
Interesting GameplayFace 82 real parking and driving challenges, and drive a range of vehicles including tow trucks, pickups, and sport and classic cars.
Car parking android game features

User reviews (Google Play Store)

The U.S.P is an exhilarating and remarkable display of the team’s rapid and exceptional response. They wholeheartedly embrace and value your suggestions, treating them with the utmost seriousness.

Furthermore, the magnitude of downloads serves as a testament to the captivating nature of the game. So go ahead and embark on this thrilling journey, and experience the sheer exhilaration this game has to offer!

Review TypeSummary
PositiveBest car simulation game.
Excellent trading, selling, customization, buying, and driving aspects.
Quick and Excellent response to issues and addition of suggested features like cruise control
Critcs / SuggestionsSuggestion to lock the doors while in the car to prevent random people from entering.
Google Play Store Users summary for the apk

Car Parking Multiplayer apk download statistics (Google Play Store)

Reviews for Android devices (Mobile & Tablet)

As of 08.07.2023

Developer details (Google Play Store)

Multicarparking developer contact

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Q: How do I download and install “Car Parking Multiplayer” on my Android device? A: You can download and install “Car Parking Multiplayer” from the Google Play Store. Simply search for the game by name, click “Install,” and follow the prompts.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for “Car Parking Multiplayer”? A: Specific system requirements can vary, but generally, you’ll need a device running Android 6.0 or later with a decent processor and enough storage space for the game.

Q: Can I play “Car Parking Multiplayer” with my friends? A: Yes, “Car Parking Multiplayer” is a multiplayer game. You can compete against real players in racing, exchange cars, and even use a voice chat feature to communicate with friends.

Q: How can I customize my car in the game? A: “Car Parking Multiplayer” allows a wide range of car customization options. You can adjust your car’s suspension, wheel angle, tune the engine, add a turbo, adjust the gearbox, change the exhaust, and even visually customize your car with dynamic vynils and different body parts.

Q: I’m experiencing lag in the game. What should I do? A: Make sure your device meets the game’s system requirements and that you have a stable internet connection. If problems persist, you can report the issue to the game’s support team.

Q: How many vehicles are available in the game? A: The game offers a wide range of vehicles to drive, with over 100 cars.

Remember, the developers may update the game and add or change features over time, so these FAQs might change. Always check the latest updates and guides provided in the game for the most accurate information.

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