Universal Guide: How to hide apps on realme, redmi, samsung phones (2023)

Universal Guide: How to hide apps on realme, redmi, samsung phones (2023)

Hiding apps on your phone is absolutely crucial due to numerous factors.

Dive into our step by step guide that is universal to all the mobiles supporting android OS. Being universal provides them the power of truly applicable to all the models of the device.

Does not matter If you are holding Realme, Redmi, Lava, Samsung or any android supported phones.

In fact, this is a vital optimization and security feature for your device. There are countless reasons why someone should hide their app or apps on the phone.

Benefits of hiding app on realme | redmi | samsung

  1. Privacy : Hiding app can provide an extra layer of security, protecting sensitive personal information in banking apps, private messaging apps, or health related apps.
  2. Decluttering: Hiding infrequently used apps can streamline your device’s interface, making it easier to find and access the apps you use most often, thus improving efficiency and user experience.
  3. Parental Control: If you share your device with your children, hiding certain apps can prevent them from accessing inappropriate content or making accidental in-app purchases.
  4. Professional Image: Hiding personal apps can help maintain a professional image when using your device for work, especially during screen-sharing sessions or presentations.

3 Ways to hide app on phone

We’re going to explore three simple ways that will help you easily hide an app on your Realme device.

  1. Disabling apps via Settings
  2. Using third party launcher
    • App Hider
  3. Indirect way to make it partially hidden
    • Creating lock to your screen

Disabling the app via phone Settings

Please follow the steps as mentioned in the images below.

  1. Search for the Settings button and click it.
hide app on realme

2. Search for Home Screen and click it.

hide app on realme home screen

3. Select Hide apps.

hide app on realme hide apps

4. Select the apps you want to hide. You can choose multiple apps and hide them. Once you have selected the apps that intended to be hidden. Press the Done button.

hide app on realme

Using App Hider apk

App Hider apk is one of the most popular and free app for hiding the apps on android device. One cannot just hide apps but also the pictures aor photos.

Why Should I Trust Hide App?

This app is available on Google Play Store and has 10 Million downloads with an average rating of 4.3.

Follow the pictorial steps below to hide app on any smart phones as long as it is Android. A

  1. Download App Hider Apk
App Hider apk

2. Open the app the screen should look like this and press “+” button.

3. Choose the app you want to hide. The image has been blurred for security purposes.

4. Once you successfully choose the app, you will receive a message confirming it. Just tap on the green button, and your app will be hidden from the Home or app screen.

Partially Hiding the apps

Last but not least, there exist clever methods to discreetly conceal the app from your screen. However, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the underlying purpose.

In this particular scenario, the rationale is undeniably clear-cut. The ultimate goal is to ensure that only you, and nobody else, can gain access to your phone.

Create multiple entry security to your screen in order to ensure that only you have the ability to unlock your mobile or phone.

To achieve this, you can set up a pin code as a primary locking mechanism. Additionally, you have the option to further enhance the security by adding fingerprint recognition as an extra layer of protection.

How to open hidden apps in Realme | Redmi | Samsung

To open or access the hidden app on your Android phone, whether it’s Realme, Redmi, or Samsung, you can use the settings features once more.

Go to the Setting

hide app on realme

Select Home Screen

hide app on realme home screen

Select Hide Apps

hide app on realme hide apps

From the apps that are not easily visible, choose to make them visible again by pressing the icon of the app you want to bring back into view. (Icons with – symbol on the top left ar the ones that you have to select)

hide app on realme


  • Can I hide apps on my Realme device without using any third-party apps?A: Yes, Realme devices have a built-in feature that allows you to hide apps. You can find this feature in the settings menu.
  • Is it possible to unhide the apps once they are hidden on my Realme device?A: Absolutely. You can unhide the apps anytime you want by going back to the same settings where you hid them and deselecting them.
  • Will hiding apps on my Realme device affect the app’s functionality?A: No, hiding an app simply removes it from view on your home screen or app drawer. The app will continue to function as normal.
  • Can I hide any app on my Realme device?A: Yes, you can hide any app installed on your device, whether it’s a system app or one you’ve downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Is hiding apps on my Realme device the same as uninstalling them?A: No, hiding an app simply removes it from your view, but the app is still installed and can be accessed. Uninstalling an app removes it completely from your device.
  • Can hidden apps still receive updates?A: Yes, hidden apps will continue to receive updates as they are still installed on your device.

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